Manager Information

Thank you for volunteering as team manager!


GCYHA truly appreciates the time, energy, and enthusiasm you will dedicate to making this season a success. Each manager is an important link between the team coaches and parents. The primary responsibility is to support the coaching staff with administrative duties so they can focus on coaching our players.


The following is a list manager's responsibilities.


●     Team managers need a USA hockey number. This is at no cost to you.

Use the link below to register with USA hockey.




●     Team managers (and anyone in proximity to the kids and locker rooms) need to be SafeSport Certified. This training must be renewed once every two years. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete. Please ask your COACH how he/she would like the locker room monitored for home and away games. Use the link below to access Safesport Training.




●     Team managers are responsible for game sheets. If we win a game or tie at home, a pic of the score sheet must be sent to CHC.




GCYHA elects to use pre-printed labels at each game versus filling out game sheets by hand. Once your team roster is complete, create your team label sheet. Use the template below to create your team labels.




This template can be printed on a 2” x 4” label (Avery #5263). You will provide the game sheet for all home games with labels adhered. For away games, you will provide the home team with just our labels to adhere to their game sheet. Three to four labels are used per game due to duplicate game sheets. Please include coaches on the team label with their USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) card number and CEP Level (1-Initiation, 2- Associate, 3-Intermediate, 4-Advanced or 5-Master.)


We strongly suggest you keep a folder with all team score sheets, labels and family contact info, this should be with you or the team for all games.


●     Team managers are responsible for communicating WEEKLY via email to the team on the team’s schedule that week, game/practice information or changes, and travel information if necessary. This is mandatory and helps keep families on the same page and players from missing anything.


Send an Initial Team Email PRIOR TO FIRST PRACTICE (Sample format below)


Welcome Cardinal Bantam families!

I'm X and along with X, will be the team manager for the X this season.

The team is scheduled for their first practice this Saturday!

If your player needs a practice jersey or socks, please let us know.


Practices (we will email a weekly reminder)

Saturday 9/10 at 8:00am - 9:15

Sunday 9/11 at 7:15pm - 8:30

Monday 9/12 at 7:00pm - 8:15

All practices are at Dorothy Hamill. Players should be dressed and ready 5 minutes before. Always email the coach if your player will not be at a practice.


Saturday 9/17 away SHELTON 3:00pm be there by 2pm


If your player needs a practice jersey or socks, please let us know.

All players should have home and away jerseys (or have ordered new ones.) Always bring both to all games, just in case!

Save the date of…

If any player has not yet paid their remaining balance, please do so before the start of the season.


Remind players to bring both jerseys to each game! Make players aware that game jerseys and socks are for games only and should not be worn for practices to help prolong the life of the items. Remind parents and players that uniforms are to be kept in good condition throughout the season and should NOT be left in wet, smelly hockey bags.


●     Team managers will be called upon leading up to tournaments (Lake Placid and possibly others depending on level) and team events, to coordinate efforts between coaches and players. It would be extremely helpful if managers were at all tournaments if possible.


●     Team managers are responsible for collecting team funds around November 1st from each family ($80 - $100) to cover: Coaches holiday and end of the year gifts, off ice team building and other team activities at tournaments, etc. Keep track of your team’s expenses. Give a mid-season update on the team funds.


Hi everyone!


Before the holidays approach, we would like to start collecting team funds to support coaches gifts, player celebrations, and end of season events. Each season the managers use these funds to give a holiday gift and end of season thank you to each coach. We also would like to get the team and families together for at least one pizza party, so the players can get to know each other off the ice. In addition, the team funds will go towards purchasing supplies for a team basket to be auctioned off at the banquet in the Spring.


We are recommending $80-100 per player. You can give funds directly to X, or Venmo @


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


●     Team managers should have a stamped USA Hockey Roster Sheet. Once rosters are finalized at the beginning of the season, the Registrar will provide you with your team’s Roster Sheet. You must have this sheet on hand at every game, especially at any State Playdown games. At any point in the season an opposing team could ask to see your team’s Stamped Roster Sheet to verify a player.


Additional Information





Your family login is the same username and password you will enter to login as the Team Manager. In addition to viewing your personal account, as Team Manager you will be able to email updates to your team and control your ‘Team Page’. If your password is forgotten, login to ‘Edit My Account’ from the ‘Association’ tab on the homepage and follow the instructions to change your password.



We strongly suggest downloading the app, as it is easier to email team members and view schedules.

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